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Human Trafficking: About

Contra Costa County’s Zero Tolerance for Human Trafficking coalition is a partnership working to raise awareness, build capacity, and increase access to services for victims of human trafficking. As a collaboration of agencies, our goals include:

  • Conducting public awareness activities
  • Providing training, technical assistance and a forum to share best practices
  • Establishing policies and protocols
  • Creating a coordinated system of care

The Coalition meets quarterly with committees convening monthly (or as needed). Additional time sensitive sub-committees are formed as needed throughout the year. Coalition meetings take place from 9:00 – 10:30 am on the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July and October.

Coalition Values:

  • Commitment to a victim-centered, trauma informed and culturally responsive approach
  • Belief that all victims of trafficking have the right to live free of exploitation and to be empowered through services and advocacy
  • Commitment to collaboration based on respect for each member’s expertise, role and goals; willingness to commit to understanding interagency cultures and mandates
  • Belief in the importance of reporting, investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes, and commitment to fully educating victims about their options regarding reporting and cooperating in the criminal justice process, and to respect their decisions in the context of evidence-based prosecution
  • Commitment to active participation and to achievable goals as determined by the Coalition and its committees


Coalition membership is by application only. In order to make sure the Coalition functions to meet its set goals and objectives in a timely manner, it has developed an application to formalize active participation, time commitment and alignment with values. The application process is to ensure safety, accountability and commitment among Coalition members. You can fill out an application by . You will be notified prior to the next Coalition meeting whether your application has been accepted or not.